MoS for IT Ms. Anusha Rahman reviewing the progress of e-office at establishment division today dated 11-11-2015

Ministry of Information Technology& Telecom
Government of Pakistan

Islamabad: 11th November, 2015
Press Release

Establishment Division adopts e-office.

Our vision is to become a strategic enabler by making the full use of ICTs for an accelerated digitization eco system, aiming to expand knowledge based economy and spur socio economic growth. In the spirit of democratic governance, revolutionary polices and visionary approach, present Government of Pakistan gives very high priority to the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector, particularly e-governance,  Anusha Rahman stated this while chairing a meeting regarding evaluation of “E-Office Suit” in Establishment Division here in Islamabad today.

Federal Secretary Establishment Division Nadeem Hassan Asif updated the Minister regarding the status of adoption of e-office at establishment division. The Minister was apprised that 68% of establishment division’s operation has been shifted on e-office suit and within a short span the whole division will be 100% on e-office suit. The Minister was informed that day to day progress and working of each wing/section is being monitored through this e-office system.


Anusha Rahman said that it is the vision of our government to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability of the working processes and MoIT is committed to support, and provide technical assistance to all Federal Ministries/Divisions and attached departments for successful implementation of e-office system to achieve the desired goals.


The Minister appreciated the commitment of Secretary Establishment Division and his entire team for the implementation of this “e-office suit”. She also visited different wings of establishment division and herself seen files being routed through e-office system.