Start Dated:2013-11-1         End Dated:2013-11-18

RFP for Supply of Time & Attendance Management System


Request for Proposals (RFP)






Supply of Time & Attendance Management System




Government of Pakistan

Ministry of Information Technology

Pakistan Computer Bureau

Project’s Wing







 November, 2013





1. General Terms & Conditions


    1. Bids may be submitted to the undersigned in a SEALED CONFIDENTIAL COVER at the address given below by 18th November, 2013 by 10:00 Hrs. The bids for preliminary technical evaluation will be opened on the same date at 10:30 hrs.  



         Pakistan Computer Bureau, Plot no 24-B, Street No 6,

                 Sector H-9/1, Islamabad. Phone:  051-9257234   Fax:051-9257232  


    1. A Bidders conference will be held in the premises of Project’s Wing, Pakistan Computer Bureau on 11th November, 2013 at 10:30 Hrs.  All queries relating to RFP should mailed to the above mentioned address at least 3 days before the bidders’ conference.  


    1. Scope of Work

The scope of work includes the supply and installation of hardware, software for Time & Attendance Management System and as per detailed specification attached in Annex-II along with professional support services and warranty of 01 year.

Note: Detail of technical specifications is attached at Annex-II and Preliminary evaluation will be done as per Annex I. Responding Organizations should provide all details require in Annex-I and Annex- II.

Responding Organization (RO) is requested to submit technical and financial proposals separately. These separate envelopes must be submitted in accordance with Para 1.20 to 1.27.

    1.  Responding Organizations must bid for all categories. Bidding for a few items within a category (i.e. not covering all items in a category) is strictly prohibited.


    1. A bid bond, in the shape of a Bank Draft/Pay Order in the name of the Director General, Pakistan Computer Bureau equivalent to 2% of the total cost of bid should be submitted along with the tender.


    1. All proposals and prices shall remain valid for a period of 150 days from the closing date of the submission of the proposals. However, the responding organization is encouraged to state a longer period of validity for the tender.


    1. All prices in the proposal shall be quoted in Pakistani Rupees (PKR).


    1. The responding organization must be registered with the Sales Tax registration Department and should be in possession of a valid National Tax Number (NTN). Copies of the certificates must be provided with the bid. 


    1. The responding organization (RO) shall be responsible for payment of any duties/taxes etc; that are imposed by the Government of Pakistan.


    1. The responding organization is hereby informed that the Government shall deduct tax at the rate prescribed under the tax laws of Pakistan, from all payments for products supplied and services rendered by any responding organization who signs a contract with the Government.


    1. The successful bidder shall be required to deposit, in the form of a Bank Guarantee, a Performance Bond upon execution of the contract, a sum equivalent to ten percent (10%) of the contract value, this Bank Guarantee shall be issued by a scheduled bank operating in Pakistan and shall be kept valid (from the date of issue) for one (1) years after all contractual obligations have been fulfilled.


    1. Responding Organization should have been in the IT business for at least three years. R.O. should attach Income Tax Registration/ Sales Tax Registration or Company Registration Certificate to prove that they have been in IT Business for at least three years.


    1. Hardware equipment should have three (1) year warranty, including parts and Labour.  


    1. The responding organization (RO) should be authorized Partner/ Reseller/Manufacturer, of THE ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER, in Pakistan or through its authorized distributor in Pakistan. Proof in the form of certificates or letter should be provided.


    1. All equipment should be supplied through verifiable distribution channels. 


    1. Responding Organization should not be a blacklisted firm by any public sector organization and should not have any unsatisfied public sector customer. As a proof RO should submit an undertaking in this regard on a stamp paper.


    1. The Responding Organization should provide information as per Annexure-III. RO may not propose any kind of refurbished/Used/End of Life Hardware equipments/components in their technical proposals.  


    1. Qualified RO should deliver the specified items / equipment / hardware immediately after the issuance of purchase order. RO will have plus point on the basis of X stock availability. 


    1. Title of End User licenses, end user warranties and any contract(s) for support services will be with the customer, for all the equipment and Software loaded on the equipment delivered during the period of the contract


    1. Proposals shall be delivered by hand or courier so as to reach the address given in section 1.1 by the last date indicated for submission. PROPOSALS RECEIVED BY FAX OR EMAIL SHALL NOT BE ACCEPTED


    1. The successful vendor shall be required to deposit in the form of a Bank Guarantee, a Performance Bond upon execution of the contract, a sum equivalent to ten percent (10%) of the contract value, this Bank Guarantee shall be issued by a scheduled bank operating in Pakistan and shall be kept valid from the date of issue, until three (1) years after all contractual obligations have been fulfilled.


    1. Bid Bond should be enclosed in a separate sealed envelope, labelled as Bid Bond. It must be ensured that the bid bond should not be in the same envelope as the technical or financial proposal.


    1. Financial Proposal should be submitted as follows:
      • Financial Proposal in triplicate should be submitted in 3 sealed envelops
      • Each sealed envelop contains 1 Hard Copy and 1 Soft Copy of the proposal.
      • Each Envelop should be labeled as Financial Proposal
      • One of the envelop should be tagged as Master Copy
    1. Technical Proposal should be submitted as follows:
      • Labeled as Technical Proposal.
      • Contains 3 hard and 1 soft copy.




    1. The bid shall be typed or written in indelible ink and shall be signed and stamped by the Bidder or a person or persons duly authorized to bind the Bidder to the Contract. The person or persons signing the bid shall initial all pages of the bid.


    1. The bid shall contain no interlineations, erasures, or overwriting, except to correct errors made by the Bidder, in which case such corrections shall be initialed by the person or persons signing the bid.


    1. Any mention of Bid Price in the Technical Bid would result in disqualification


2.  Implementation & Payment Schedule




Time Period



Supply of Equipment

4 -5 weeks (maximum) from date of signing of contract



Delivery ,Installation and Configuration of Hardware and Software

Successful testing and acceptance

2 week from date of supply of equipments


Subject to provision of Performance Guarantee equal to 10% of the total contract price.


End of performance Guarantee

Performance Guarantee will have to be provided to cover the warranty period of the hardware and services which will be one year from the date of successful testing and acceptance.

Release of Performance Guarantee






Annexure - I


Preliminary Technical Evaluation



There will be a two-stage technical evaluation. Preliminary evaluation (Initial Screening) of technical bids will be done on the basis of the following the parameters:  


  1. ROs or lead bidder should be a Pakistani Company OR a Multinational Corporation having local presence with a branch office in Islamabad. ROs must provide valid NTN registration and sales tax registration/certificates.
  2. ROs should have been in IT business for three (3) years or the Directors of the company should have been in IT business for three (3) years. Bidders should provide valid Company Registration Certificate to prove that they have been in IT business for the last three years.
  3. ROs should comply with specifications mentioned in Annexure-III. 
  4. The responding organization (RO) should be authorized Distributor/Partner or Reseller, of THE ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER, for the hardware. 
  5. All hardware should have one year comprehensive on site warranty including parts and labour.
  6. All software loaded on active equipment should have warranties for one year against the defects/bugs as well as updates.
  7. RO should have successfully completed at least 03 projects in last 12 months preferably in public sector/semi public sector environment.
  8. RO should have a certified project manager on payroll as permanent employee for at least one year. One certified associate on the equipment quoted.
  9. Proposed solution must have following minimum built in available modules:
      1. Attendance management
      1. Visitor management
      2. Facility management
      3. Assets management
      4. Integration with active directory and ERP systems
      5. All of the above SHOULD be part of single application site with centralized resource management.
  1. The system complete in all respects should be supplied within 4-6 weeks.



Note: The Bids which will be declared successful on the basis of above mentioned parameters by Procurement / Tendering Committee will be qualified for further processing. Accordingly, financial bids of only the qualified companies shall be opened for financial evaluation.  


Detailed Technical and Financial Evaluation:

Detailed Technical & Financial evaluation will be done for firms who qualify the above mentioned preliminary evaluation. These firms may be asked to give presentations on their solution. The PCB Committee on the parameters given in the technical proposal will make the evaluation. Ratings for the evaluation will be as follows:








Technical Proposal and Presentation / Demo of Solution




Financial Value


For further detailed technical evaluation criteria please refer to Annexure-II.       

Financial bids of firms who score at least 70% on the technical evaluation (as a whole) will be opened before the reprehensive who wish to attend the tender opening. 30% weight-age will be given to financial proposals of responding organizations. The formula for financial scoring is that lowest bidder gets 30 points and the other bidders score 30 multiplied by the ration of the lowest bid divided by the quoted price.


Value quoted by lowest Bidder = A 

Value quoted by second lowest Bidder = B

Value quoted by third lowest Bidder = C

Financial scoring of the lowest bidder will be= 30

Financial scoring of the second lowest bidder will be = (A /B) *30

Financial scoring of the third lowest bidder will be = (A /B) * 30

Points obtained in the detailed technical evaluation will be carried forward. Tender will be awarded to the Responding Organization with maximum accumulative points (Technical + Financial).


Detailed Technical Evaluation Parameters


  The System is categorized as RFID based Personnel Access Control System. The primary function of the access control system within the building is to monitor and control the movement of people into the various building areas. This filtering will be done by: 

      1. Identification of the subject / object
      2. Verification of the authorized people to enter the controlled area
      3. To unlock (or deny entry) at the access point.

Taking identification of the individual subjects as one of the fundamental importance in a access controlled area. This would allow the entrance of restricted people into various controlled areas and give extra level of comfort to the occupants other than the routine visitors. This would also decrease the threat level and provide and efficient, intelligent system canopy to the employees. The entire system is based on proximity badge identity system call.

RFID Identification

All ID cards issued to the personnel will be issued by the Building Management Authority. These will be customized for each department and will all be integrated into the Building security systems. Since the Building owner will issue all ID cards for owner, tenant staff, visitors and BoH delivery personnel, the necessary soft and hardware needs to be provided.

Personnel Identification

RFID Card readers/ scanners are deployed throughout the building where Access Controls are desired. These are also linked to the Turnstiles and entry points of floors. The ID cards issued for own staff and visitors and back of house delivery personnel will be put on the same.

Service Oriented Architecture for Integration

An Enterprise application is required with Service-oriented architecture. The application should have web services for data exchange, database independent architecture (SQL Server 2005 preferred), redundant database server support, audit logging, application access right management and auto recovery. Application should be capable to integrate with:


1. Industry standard ERPs.

2. Integration with RFID infrastructure.

3. Integration with Active directory service.


1.   Application /Software Requirements



An Enterprise application is required with Service-oriented architecture. The application should have web services for data exchange, database independent architecture (SQL Server 2005 preferred), redundant database server support, audit logging, application access right management and auto recovery. Application should be capable to integrate with:

    1. Industry standard ERPs like SAP®, Oracle®, Microsoft® SQL Server etc.
    2. Integration with Microsoft® Active Directory


Application should support comprehensive organizational hierocracy management like

  1. User Management
  2. Groups Management
  3. Department Management
  4. Team Management
  5. Role Management


Application should support

  1. Individual access rights management
  2. Application Access Rights Management
  3. Auto Push user rights to the allowed readers


Application should support

  1. Time Attendance Logging
  2. Automatic & Schedule based Reconciliation of logs and events


Application should provide Visitor management system


Application should provide Shift management system


Leave Management


Application should support comprehensive Access Management system

  1. Physical Access Management
  2. System Access Management
  3. Access Control Logging


Application should support

  1. Card Printing Module
  2. Biometric Enrollment
  3. Hardware (Readers & Controller) Management


Application should support

  1. Automatic Blockage of user in case of rule violation
  2. Automatic Logout in case of rule violation
  3. Automatic Alert generation
  4. Programmer able Events (Emergency alerts, Email alerts, Custom Triggers etc.)


Application should support

  1. Report Management
  2. Built-in reports and custom Report Builder
  3. Automatic Report Generation for attendance logs of a day
  4. Dynamic web based integrated reporting capability


 Architecture should be easy to accommodate future enhancements& expansions


The Scalability of the application  to any number of points


User friendly interfaces with dashboard


The proposed solution should be Portable—TCP/IP based connectivity and support for remote offices


Manageability—easy to manage Admin module allowing administrator to manage the application centrally


Multiple Support Multiple Access Methods—the system should support any combination between finger, IDCard and password


Web Server Support—web based system should provide accessibility from anywhere


2. Minimum Hardware Specification 



Biometric  Access Control Readers

Country of Origin: USA/EU/Korea

Standalone Device with Embedded Controller.

CPU: 32bit Microprocessor and Dual 8bit Microprocessor

Standalone or Network Operation without Connection to the Server

Automatic System Reset via Self-Diagnosis (Watchdog Function)

Anti-Passback Function

Alerts when Door Opening Time Exceeds and Forced Door Open

Identification Method : by PIN Key / by Auto Touch sensor

125KHz (PSK Format) Proximity RF Card or PIN / Password / Fingerprint Recognition

Verification/ Identification Time: > 1sec. / > 2sec.

RFID Card Reading Time: 30ms.

Dual Function for Access Control and Time & Attendance

Finger Print Template Size: 800Bytes for 2 Fingerprint Templates

1,000 Finger Print Users, 10,000~50,000 ID Users

Events Storage Capacity: 10,000~50,000 with Dynamic Control of Memory

ID only Function for Fingerprint Unregister able Person

Communication: RS232/ RS485/ RS422/ Ethernet(Internal Module or External Converter Required)

1ea of External Reader Port: 26bit Wigand, 4 / 8bit Burst for PIN

Independent 4 Inputs and 4 Outputs including 2ea of 2 Form-C Relay Outputs

High Protection from Scratch and ESD (Electro Static Discharge)

Resolution/Capture Image Size/Extract Image Size: 500dpi / 640 x 480 pixels / 260 x 300 pixels

Alarm Event Monitoring using Tamper Switch

Duress Mode Function

Keypad: 16 Key Numeric Keypad

LED indicator: 3LEDs on Front Panel

LCD: Character LCD (2 Lines x 16 Char) / 65.6 mm x 13.8 mm

Power Consumption: DC 12V / Max.300mA

Certifications/ Approvals: UL, FCC, CE, MIC, RoHS


RFID Exit Reader

Country of Origin: USA/EU/Korea

125KHz RFID Card Reader

26bit Wiegand

Card Reading Time: 30ms

2 LED Indicators / Piezo Buzzer

External LED Control

External Buzzer Control

Epoxy molded (Waterproof / IP65, IP66), Warranty (Life Time)


Finger Print Scanner

USB Finger Print Desktop Scanner


TCP /IP Protocol Converter

Ethernet : 10/100 Base-T, Half/Full Duplex

Serial : RS232/RS422

Baud Rate : 1200bps ~ 230.4kbps


RFID Card Printer

Country of Origin: USA/EU/Korea

RFID Card Printer with HDP Dye Sublimation, Resin Thermal Transfer300 dpi ( 11.8 dots /mm ), Up to 16.7 million/256 shades per pixel, Full Color,YMC,750prints,YMCK 500 prints HDP Films option Clear (1500 prints) Standard Holographic, Custom Holographic with  Thermal transfer over laminate, 0.25 mil thick, Print Speed ; 38seconds per card/95 cards per hour (YMC with transfer), Accepted Card Sizes CR80 (3.375" L x 2.125" W/85.6mm L x 54mm W), Print Area over the edge on CR80 cards, Input Hopper Card capacity 100 cards (.030"/.762mm), Output Hopper Card 200 cards, Memory 16MB RAM, Operating Temp 65 to 90F, Optional Lamination module and dual side printing option


125KHz RFID Card

125KHz Passive Type (PSK) Card, No Batteries Required

Same Size and Thickness as ISO Regulation Credit Card

Allows Printing of Company Logo and Graphic Features









Annexure III


Sample Financial Purpose







Unit Cost including all Taxes


Total Cost (Rs.)


Access Control & Time and Attendance Management System





Biometric Access Control Readers





RFID Card Exit Readers





USB Finger Point Scanner for user enrollment





RFID Cards





TCP/IP Protocol Converter





Installation of  Hardware and Software


Hardware Deployment, Configuration ,  Integration of all Software and Hardware modules/ components


Training, Testing and Commissioning 





RFID Card Printer (Optional)





Operating Systems & Database Licenses or any other licenses required to operationlized the application mentioned at Sr.No.1  (Optional)